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Ankit Sharma has an exceptionally certified crew of skilled Divorce Lawyer In Gurgaon. Our crew has expertise in managing and dealing with all types of divorce-related issues. Our specialization stands for a mutual and contested divorce, we’ve got been dealing with such divorce-related points for greater than a decade.

We help you out of your smallest divorce matter-related question to the most important one. We be sure our shoppers are well-versed and happy with the authorized providers that we’re offering. Your divorce lawyer will be certain that come out of the case with a good end result.

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  • Alimony
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  • Little one Adoption
  • Upkeep
  • Judicial Separation
  • Property Succession
  • Ex-Parte Divorce

Sorts of divorce petitions in India:- Divorce by mutual consent

When each husband and spouse get hold of divorce then it’s known as divorce by mutual consent. That is probably the most handy and fewer time-consuming means of getting a divorce.

Divorce by mutual consent is taken below Hindu Marriage Act, 1955, The Particular Marriage Act, 1954, and Indian Divorce Act, 1869. Part 13B of the Hindu Marriage Act, Part 28 of the Particular Marriage Act, and Part 10A of The Indian Divorce Act specifies the provisions of divorce by mutual consent. Following are the provisions:

Petition for dissolution of marriage is to be introduced earlier than the District Court docket by each events on the grounds that:

they’ve been residing individually for a interval of 1 12 months or extra;

they haven’t been in a position to dwell collectively;

they’ve mutually agreed that marriage needs to be dissolved.

If events are given 6 to 18 months which is named the cooling-off part and if they don’t withdraw the petition earlier than 18 months then the courtroom on being happy will move a decree of divorce. In Davinder Singh Narula v. Meenakshi Nangia,[i] Supreme Court docket held that if circumstances so warrant the cooling interval of 6 months will be waived off.

Earlier than passing the decree, the courtroom will inquire concerning the authenticity of the petition filed by the events to divorce.


Contested Divorce

There are some rights and duties in matrimonial ties. All of the Acts have sure grounds on which the divorce will be filed. The husband or spouse can file a petition for divorce below The Hindu Marriage Act, 1955, The Particular Marriage Act, 1954, Indian Divorce Act, 1869, and The Dissolution of Muslim Marriages Act, 1939.


The Hindu Marriage Act, 1955:

Part 13 lays down grounds on which a divorce petition will be filed by a husband or spouse. Following are the grounds-

Adultery- The primary floor is adultery. If a husband or spouse had sexual activity with an individual aside from his or her partner then, the divorce petition will be filed.

Cruelty- If the celebration to marriage performs any act of cruelty, then his/her partner can file for divorce. Right here, the time period ‘cruelty’ consists of each psychological and bodily cruelty.

Desertion- It means to maneuver out of a matrimonial residence and desert the partner. If a husband or spouse deserts his/her partner for 2 or extra years, then it turns into a floor for divorce.

Conversion- If any Hindu husband or spouse converts to a different faith then a divorce petition will be filed in opposition to him/her.

Unsoundness of mind- If the partner is affected by an incurable psychological dysfunction to an extent that it’s fairly not anticipated to dwell with him/her, it turns into a floor for divorce. The time period “psychological dysfunction” is described within the first rationalization to Part 13 as “psychological sickness, arrested or incomplete improvement of thoughts, psychopathic dysfunction or some other dysfunction or incapacity of thoughts and embody schizophrenia”.

Communicable disease- Incurable type of leprosy and venereal illness can also be a floor for divorce.

Renunciation from the world- Renunciation from the world is a floor for divorce. If any individual renounces the world, then his/her partner can file a petition for divorce.

Presumption of death- A divorce petition will be filed in opposition to any individual whose whereabouts aren’t identified for seven years.

Judicial separation- If there was no cohabitation between the events for 1 12 months or upwards who have been residing individually below the decree of judicial separation.

Restitution of conjugal rights- When husband/spouse obtains the decree of conjugal rights and there’s no restitution of conjugal rights for the interval of 1 12 months or extra then a divorce petition will be filed.

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