Turn Negative Expectations Into Positive Outcomes

Individuals preserve disappointing me – they do not act as badly as I count on them to. I hate to confess it – however that occurs on a regular basis. It occurs once I disguise my destructive expectations – and behave as if the whole lot was going to be constructive.

An instance:

I used to be on a stroll and a gaggle of younger males had been headed towards me – late teenagers – 4 of them – strolling shoulder to shoulder. There was not going to be sufficient house for me to remain on the sidewalk except certainly one of them gave method. My destructive expectation was that they might make it troublesome for me – it is occurred earlier than. As I acquired near them, I smiled and mentioned ” The way you doing?” They answered by asking me the identical query. In addition they moved and gave me room to remain on the sidewalk.

I mirrored on that little situation, and was sort of ashamed that my expectation was that they might give me a tough time. However I felt good that – although I did not really feel optimistic – I acted it. And the outcome was a nice trade and all of us went on our method.

How usually can we let destructive expectations trigger destructive habits? How usually can we let destructive expectations create destructive outcomes? When you’re like me, it is extra usually than I wish to admit. And but, once I work to beat destructive expectations and venture constructive habits, I’m pleasantly shocked. Issues find yourself higher than I anticipated.

What I’ve discovered is to spend extra time on constructive behaviors, and fewer time making an attempt to dwell on the explanations for destructive expectations. How to do this?

Step one is consciousness. After years of positive tuning our expectations primarily based on our private expertise, the media, generalizations and a number of othet inputs, we act primarily based on some actually imbedded beliefs. The behaviors we undertake appear to occur so robotically we do not understand them. And people behaviors are the architects of our outcomes. Begin constructing consciousness by listening to your self. Do you hear destructive messages about how issues will prove – a gross sales prospect that will not purchase, a proposal that can be rejected, an invite prolonged however refused? When you do – and virtually all of us do, you have acquired some expectation and habits work to do.

Now that you have recognized a destructive expectation, it is time to create a constructive habits to beat it. Look again on the gross sales name, the proposal, the invitation and see what may have been achieved to venture a habits that expressed a constructive final result. Maybe that query that began “Would you want to—–?’ might be said in another way. That proposal that apologized for the time it took to current it could have been higher served with a press release of profit. Maybe that gross sales name that began with a thanks on your time may have began with a constructive assertion of worth to the prospect. The purpose is to switch habits primarily based on destructive expectations with habits primarily based on what we need to be the result.

The subsequent step is to be taught from the results of the VOG constructive habits – assist the result problem the beliefs and biases that led to the destructive expectation within the first place. However do not attempt to over analyze the place the expectation got here from. Use the time to create and reinforce constructive behaviors. Finished usually sufficient, the outcomes of the constructive behaviors will change expectations. That is what’s so nice about having your actions lead your expectations.

Then do it once more – and once more. I assure constructive outcomes. I do know a smile and an interesting query – “How are you doing?” work wonders with contacts. I discovered it by forcing myself to make use of it – repeatedly. My expectation of individuals contacts has modified for the higher – by way of my very own constructive actions. So will yours.

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